Visit Canberra

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Our Expertise

Integrated campaign


Canberra is known as the home of roundabouts, politicians and...flying whales? When promoting our nation’s capital as a tourism destination, the stereotypes can distract from surprising and exciting experiences.



Revealing the true Canberra

VisitCanberra, Canberra’s tourism body, were ready to reopen visitation after a period of border restrictions. They wanted to encourage potential visitors to engage with Canberra’s personality and hidden gems, as well as its national attractions.

Our challenge was to create a new campaign to flip visitor expectations and reveal the true breadth and depth of Canberra’s identity to boost travel to the capital.


Strategic Creativity Delivered

Stories through a looking glass.

Our strategy development partnered brand personality and visitor insights, resulting in a fully integrated phased campaign driven by unexpected enrichment.

We emphasised confident, beautiful visuals of Canberra experiences using a circular 'window' element inspired by the city's original design, which celebrated the imagery's nuances.

Headlines and scripts hooked the audience with sophisticated language enriched with rhythm and dualities of meaning.

Throughout, we supported various client teams from PR to partnerships. Across their range of marketing priorities and timelines, we achieved campaign consistency and met overarching business objectives. Working closely with VisitCanberra, NATION ensured creative assets were responsive to testing, for the best possible results.



• 30% increase in likelihood of target market choosing Canberra for their next break.

• Engaged to extend the campaign across government, such as for Brand Canberra, Study Canberra and the City Renewal Authority.

* NATION continue to deliver and evolve the campaign over multiple years and marketing phases.