Australian Space Discovery Centre

Launching a universe of opportunity.

Our Expertise

Strategy, Brand & Campaign


South Australia has evolved into Australia’s undisputed capital for the space industry. The Australian Space Discovery Centre (ASDC) was established in 2021 with a mission to inspire young people through Australia’s space story, interactive space exhibits, connection with the space industry and fascinating next-generation career opportunities. But how would we bring the awe and fascination of ‘up there’ back down to Earth?


The Challenge

Getting down to Earth about space.

By the time a child starting school reaches graduation, jobs in the space industry are expected to have tripled. The Australian Space Discovery Centre (SDC) was established to prepare young people for this rich opportunity as well as provide ways for industry to directly access space technology. But although the concept of space intrigues and fascinates young and old alike, it’s shrouded in so many unknowns that most dismiss space as intangible and irrelevant to their own lives. Through highly targeted brand design and communications we needed to get this exciting new project off the ground.

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Strategic Creativity Delivered

The final frontier made feasible.

We set out to show how what’s happening up in space impacts our day-to-day here on Earth. NATION used existing research to develop a strategy-driven sub-brand of the Australian Space Agency which would resonate with the Centre’s wide-ranging audiences to build excitement and drive visitation. Through close collaboration with the Australian Space Agency and Questacon, we delivered an engaging brand through all channels: physical and digital, static and animated. For the physical space this included logo suites, screen animations, signage, fascia design, an interactive selfie wall and AR filter and display animations for a huge 'wrap around' screen that leads you in to the building.

Creating worlds of content.

Additional content was created for launch to show in centre, explaining everything from the opportunities of the space industry and Australias place in it through to stories of past accomplishments, inspirational people and visions for the future.

Introducing the Australian Space Discovery Centre

Australian space capabilities

Careers in the space industry

We are go for launch.

The 'Go for launch' campaign counted down to lift-off for the ASDC, encouraging South Australians to come and explore the wonder of space at Lot Fourteen. Building on the buzz of the playful new brand, we created a series of social video chapters to tell the story of the space industry landing in SA, supported by FOMO-generating content from our on-site space selfie wall. At the same time, we continued to develop the ASA’s core brand through our illumiNATION process. The visual language and comprehensive messaging framework personalised the invitation to be part of space across audiences, channels and phases of launch.



Reaching the stars.

The 'Go for launch' campaign captured the ‘interactive imagination’ at the heart of the brand. Pre-launch bookings were phenomenal — booked out almost two months ahead at launch. The branding work was a resounding success that continues to engage Australians.