City of Victor Harbor

A coastal town finds its voice.

Our Expertise



The South Australian seaside town of Victor Harbor was struggling with an image problem. Unfair and limiting stereotypes had reached the point of interfering with new business and investment interest, undermining development potential, posing serious threat to the region’s future.


The Challenge

Enriching the status of a region.

It was clear that Victor Harbor’s reputation would benefit from a makeover that went far beyond the superficial. But how to simultaneously create a much-needed sense of newness, possibility and buzz around its potential whilst remaining steadfastly true to the history and foundations of the region? We needed to find the key to creating an exciting and enduring brand, yet to anchor it with absolute authenticity.


Strategic Creativity Delivered

Consider the flipside.

We consulted with a broad cross-section of community as part of a comprehensive stakeholder engagement process to capture the truest essence of Victor Harbor and transposed the resulting key insights into a precise brand manifesto and brand positioning to underpin all assets and messaging. As a result of this process, we discovered the solution was to centre the branding on the theme of contrast, celebrating the range of appealing incongruities that prevail within the region. After all, Victor Harbor is a place that's both town and country / coast and hills / for living and working / home to artisans and producers / historical and modern / quaint and sophisticated / with an eye on the past and on the future. In turn, the logo reflects contrast, both literally and figuratively. Paired with this distinctive brand mark and modular visual language, the richly evocative line 'Feel it calling' invites each person to connect with the brand at a personal level by reflecting on their own special connection to Victor Harbor.



A brand-new brand.

As well as delivering a complete brand toolkit, NATION hosted a brand training session to transform 30+ local leaders into passionate brand champions. Victor Harbor’s new brand was launched via press, website and video ahead of an external campaign and has already been enthusiastically embraced by the community, with local Mayor, Dr Moira Jenkins, reflecting: “the brand has already created a buzz among local business owners.”

"The words ‘feel it calling’... encompass what everyone feels when they come here, whether you live here or you’re visiting, you come over the hill and see the ocean — that is what calls you back... it’s perfect.”

Kirsten Pitman

Victor Harbor business leader