Welcome to our new Citizens.

We are pleased to announce the arrival of Senior Art Director Paul Stratton, Project Director Courtney Garfoot and our new Managing Director, Phil Boyle.

A highly skilled Art Director, Paul ‘Straatts’ Stratton brings a wealth of experience to the team.

Courtney has exceptional skills in client management and marketing and is a perfect fit here at NATION.

As Greg moves into his new role as Chief Executive Officer (fancy, huh!) Phil joins the team in the role of Managing Director.

We’re all very excited about the amount of talent, experience and energy these new Citizens bring to NATION’s future.


NATION welcomes new citizens.

NATION is excited to introduce four new citizens to our ever-expanding family.

Welcoming Digital Director Sam John, Project Director Greg Faull, Project Director Tess Martin and Photographer Alex Robertson to our Adelaide studio.

Sam is a talented digital leader with almost 20 years experience in digital marketing.

As a Senior Account Director, Greg brings almost 20 years experience with specialist production knowledge and expertise.

Tess has exceptional people skills and project management capabilities with accomplishments in copywriting and editorial.

A talented creative, Alex brings new knowledge and experience in the form of in-house photographic and video service offerings for our clients.

They’ve barely landed but have already hit the ground running.


And then we turned five.

First year of school.

Mum’s written our name on everything. 

We wonder what Big Ted and Jemima are doing without us.

Still working on that shoelace thing.

It’s going to be a big year.

Well, at least we’ve got all our friends.

See you on the playground. 



39th AADC Awards

Last night (and early this morning) NATION attended the 39th Adelaide Advertising and Design Club Awards – a yearly excuse to celebrate our beloved industry and all the sumptuous work coming out of South Australia.

We supported one of our own, club co-president Geoff Robertson, as he took to the imposing stage of the Adelaide Town Hall alongside fellow co-president Anna Bardsley-Jones, to kick off the shenanigans with a flick of his carefully laminated cue cards.   

During the evening, the Adelaide industry took a moment to remember radio legend Street Remely and his contribution to our Advertising community. Street was a master, a mentor, and a mate to many in the room. It was a tribute that has inspired all of us to reach our own Street-worthy crescendos.   

Good food, great conversation, epic work and wonderful craft were an effective formula to feed our passionate community.

NATION had 5 good reasons to cheer a little louder with The University of Adelaide, Adelaide Film Festival and Cure4CF Foundation collaborations walking away with a transparent statue – practical uses to be determined at the Christmas Party.

And an enthusiastic well done! to all award recipients. NATION is proud to be immersed among a community like this.


Moving day in Canberra.

Here at NATION in Canberra, we love thinking outside the box. So having to focus on putting things into boxes, well, it was kind of uncomfortable.

But despite that, everything went smoothly on our moving day. We’re pretty much settled in, so expect another update soon – with more photos of the office, of course. Any excuse to show it off, really.


New Citizen.

Now that he’s had the time to settle in, we’re excited to welcome our newest citizen Nick Brz.

With a truckload of experience, Nick joins us as Creative Director, bringing another keen eye and strategic mind to our Nation family, plus much, much more.*

*By more we mean his daughters’ irresistible caramel choc ‘pretzel bark’.