SA Power Networks

Empowering South Australia.

Our Expertise

Integrated campaign


SA Power Networks (SAPN) is making affordable and renewable power a reality for South Australians. But a lack of understanding has interrupted flow in perceptions and uptake. SAPN wanted to raise awareness and to celebrate what's already been achieved in order to continue the positive momentum of this movement. We needed to find a way to share the story using strategic creativity to promote trust and positivity.


The Challenge

Empowering South Australians.

South Australia is an international leader in the move towards renewable energy. This state has the capability for neighbourhoods to pool power, for communities to be run by the sun, and for uptake of batteries to accelerate giving us access to more affordable and sustainable options. And SAPN is the energy authority that enables customers to use and connect this new technology to the grid. But variable awareness, understanding and trust meant that uptake in new energy technologies is falling short of reaching its potential. Our challenge was to inspire and educate to bolster uptake at the same time as boosting staff pride around a brighter future.


Strategic Creativity Delivered

Creating connections.

South Australia has a bright energy future, so we positioned SA Power Networks as the energy authority preparing the state for that future. Applying our illumiNATION principles to strategy development, we synthesised research reports into a clear picture of community attitudes, needs, and drivers. The campaign creative expressed the strategy through a lens of state pride and ‘The Power of Possibility’. The concept centred on the idea that SAPN is connecting South Australians to an energy future we can all be proud of and we did this by showing how they are fulfilling our current energy needs as well as transitioning us to more everyday benefits than ever before. We featured SAPN’s own people to celebrate their part in the changes. The campaign ran throughout TV, cinema, social, digital, press and outdoor executions.




Amping up public perceptions.

All brand tracking metrics improved significantly, including SAPN's trust score, showing the highest recorded overall Brand Health Monitor score since 2001.
Respondents to the hero TVC felt:
• renewable energy is becoming more accessible in SA (79%).
• more confident about the future of energy in SA (73%).
• more positive about SA Power Networks (69%).