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Driving behavioural change.

Our Expertise

Integrated campaign


One hundred and fourteen lives were lost on South Australian roads in 2019 — the highest number of fatalities in the state since 2010. The South Australian Police were committed to improving safety on our roads. We needed a behaviour change campaign with impact.


The Challenge

Reducing deaths on SA roads.

SAPOL needed to engage young male drivers — the most over-represented demographic, yet also the most desensitised to messaging typically used in road safety campaigns. Previous campaigns tended to focus on penalties and 'social death'. We needed to unlock a more powerful approach.


Strategic Creativity Delivered

Stories of grief speak to the heart.

We sought to expose the long-lasting psychological and emotional scars left by road trauma. We re-told the true story of the fatal crash of 18-year-old Nick Holbrook from multiple angles via harrowing testimony from Nick’s parents, the first responders to the scene, and Nick’s best mate Phillip, who was behind the wheel. The result: a series of 13 moving clips and integrated assets providing compelling insight into the many forms of deep human suffering that exist beyond every statistic.

Full Story (15 min)

Glynis (30 Sec)

Michael (30 Sec)

Phillip (30 Sec)

Gino (30 Sec)



On the road to safety.

Since the Life Sentence campaign ran, there has been a 38% increase in young drivers who avoid risks and drive with full care and attention as well as a reduction in road deaths, with halo effects seen across the general population. This campaign has proven so persuasive that its assets have been extended into an educational program for schoolchildren and professional drivers throughout South Australia.

"Finding new ways to approach old problems becomes more and more challenging. Presenting an actual member of our target audience describing in their own words the consequences of their choices is a powerful new one."

Richard Blackwell

Manager Media Road Safety Unit, SA Police

"This campaign is one that means a lot to me personally. I can remember being in similar situations when I was younger and only through pure luck avoiding disaster. I truly hope the result makes everyone think twice about how we all behave on the road."

Nick Brz

Creative Director, NATION